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Northcoders is the coding bootcamp for Northern companies looking to identify top software engineering potential.

Looking to hire great Northern dev talent? Have someone in mind you’d like us to train?

Hire our graduates now.

<Some Of Our Partners />

"Since discovering Northcoders,recruiting and growing our team has been a breath of fresh air."

<David Pickering />

Head of Engineering, Peak

"We first met Northcoders mid 2016 and it has been a wonderful journey."

<Jade Daubney />

Lead and Graduate Talent Scout, Thoughtworks

"We were delighted to find that through the Northcoders we could access talented and ambitious female developers."

<Stuart Brown />

Director, Magnetic North

"Northcoders surpassed our expectations. Their syllabus and high standards show in the quality of the graduates."

<Dan Pass />

CIO, 1st Stop Group

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