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Explore what our graduates have acheived.

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Final projects demonstate how far you can come in just 12 weeks. Our graduates have proved this by constructing functional and dynamic applications in 2 weeks.


Alex, Andrea, JD, Jonny & Mitch

A news aggregator platform that finds and links stories through regular API calls, allowing users to make predictions about how current affairs would develop and render information programatically on a 3D globe. Built with React, 3JS, PostgreSQL various services from AWS.



Daniel, Diego, Jonny & Keith

A quick and easy food ordering and delivery webapp, designed with a consumer and vendor interface. With UX in mind consumers can very easily place their orders and vendors can montior and process the transcations. Technologies used include React Stripe Checkout , React Motion, Express and Socket.io.

K.I.M: Knowledge In

Adie, Emilia, Joe, Sally & Sina

A bot-style mobile app for managing expenses and notes, with an additional browser interface for account and data management through text messaging. Built using Firebase, React, Redux, LUIS along with Facebook authentication.


NHS Productivity

Alan, Kavita, Laura & Steven

A patient record handling app designed for the NHS, where a doctor or a nurse could login to view and customise a patient's record. Firebase on the backend with React, Redux on the front end using Bulma and CSS to make it a responsive web app.


Ben, Kamran, Leo & Wasan

An IOS application built to keep track of and manage volunteers within communities. Allows users to log in or sign up, create a group and list skills required for their event or they can enroll to help on others events where their skills may be required. Built using express, PostgreSql, React Native on the front end and deployed on Heroku.


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