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<The Application Process />


We encourage people from all walks of life to start their coding journey with us.

As long as you have the passion and determination to succeed, we have the skills and know-how to get you there.

20 hours of Study

We'll send you a study pack, which you'll need to complete in order to pass the Technical Interview.

We suggest you to set aside 20 hours to cover the materials - that might sound like a lot, but if this programme is right for you, you should really enjoy it!


Our interviews are informal, and a chance for you to meet us and see our campus.

The main aspect of the interview is our technical test. It's not designed to catch you out, but helps us to make sure that you have the attitude, drive and passion to succeed.

You're on board!

If you're successful, you'll be offered a place!

We'll then support you every step of the way to complete the pre-course study materials, to ensure you start with a great grounding.