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12 week coding bootcamp.

Next Cohort - August 14th.

Finance available.

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<Our Promise />

From the moment you apply, we’ll give you our full support in preparation to getting onto the course.

Once you’re on the course, we promise that, in just 12 weeks, we’ll help you acquire and develop the skills you need to really excel as a Junior Developer. You’ll also enjoy one-on-one coaching sessions with a former Head of Global Recruitment for a highly respected Northern tech company. She’ll give you the inside track on all the non-technical aspects of preparing for a career in this rapidly growing industry.

On top of all that, we’ll also help you to create the kind of CV that will get you noticed and prepare you for every stage of the interview and hiring process.

Our support doesn’t stop when you graduate. Once you’ve passed (with flying colours, no doubt) we’ll continue to provide tailored support until you’ve landed a role.

That’s the thing about becoming a Northcoder. From the moment you join us, we’ve got your back until you move on to your next life challenge.

The price for the course - and everything else we offer - is just £6,000.

Possibly the best investment you’ll ever make.

<The Accelerate Program />

Weeks 1 to 3

First things first. We’ll give you a solid fundamental understanding of the JavaScript language, so you’ll be able to quickly pick up any new library or framework.

We’ll spend the first 3 weeks of the course focusing on 'vanilla JS' and developing your problem solving skills. In particular we'll explore two fundamental paradigms in programming - functional & object-oriented programming. Great foundations to build on.

Week 4 to 6

The next 3 weeks of the course focus on the front-end, specifically React and its ecosystem. This includes React, React-Router, Redux and Webpack. We also teach you SASS and front-end tooling.

React and Redux are now firmly established in the ‘adopt’ section of Thoughtwork’s Tech Radar. To put that in perspective, one of the most highly respected agencies in the world now recommends it as their front end framework of choice. That’s useful to know, isn’t it?

Weeks 7 to 9

Naturally, back-end comes next. In this three week block we’ll cover Node.js, Express, MongoDB and SQL. We’ll also work with some pretty cool third-party data sets and APIs. Which is fun. More serious is a strong focus on various ways of dealing with asynchronous programming.

At this stage, you'll deploy your applications to the cloud and be introduced to concepts like staging and production environments, and best practices such as continuous integration. It’s all getting real, isn’t it?

Weeks 10 to 12

Accelerate is all about developing and proving your ability to pick up new technology quickly so that you hit the ground running, whatever your next employer’s tech stack is. The best way to do that is to learn, and build with, a completely new language – Java.

Don’t be confused: Java & JavaScript are very different languages and you’ll be learning plenty of new programming paradigms over the course of the final 3 weeks, as well as taking an in-depth look at data structures and algorithms.

That’s it. You’ve accelerated. Now it’s time to run with it.

<Accelerate: JavaScript & Java - with development best practice at its core />

Code is the language of the 21st century

Today, just about every business in the world relies on tech. So over the next decade and beyond, coding will be the most important skill you could learn. That’s why we’ve designed a curriculum that’s exciting, up-to-date and, crucially, teaches the skills that employers really want and really need.


JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. You’ve already come into contact with it every day, from the animations you’ve seen on your computer screen to the apps you use via your Wi-Fi connection.

We’ll teach you how to use it on the front-end with frameworks like React – and how to write fast, well-tested code on the back-end with Node.js.

And, because it’s so flexible, it’s the ideal language to mess around with, so you’ll have fun building stuff as you go along. Maybe create your own app to activate your coffee-machine from bed. Who knows?

Handily, it’s also a skill that’s hugely in demand with employers across the North.


Most of the world’s legacy code is written in Java, and many other languages are similar to it. At Northcoders, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of programming and how it differs, both in syntax and paradigms, across languages. (We’ll also teach you what that last sentence means…)

And more...

Accelerate is about much more than programming languages.

It's about teaching design patterns, algorithms and data structures.

It's about teaching you related skills like agile, version control, test-driven development and pair programming.

It's about debugging - and doing it well.

It's about working in a team - whether developing in pairs or working in larger groups.

It’s about problem solving, thinking clearly and giving you the skill-set to go on and learn new technologies on your own.

<A typical day />

8:30  Wake up!

Crack on with a challenging coding problem. You'll need to use all your skills and your initiative to reach a solution in just one hour.

9:30  Today's tech!

We introduce some new techniques or even a completely new library. Our curriculum is carefully structured so that you'll be building on the techniques you've already learnt.

10:45  Heads down!

Time to have a go at the day's tasks by yourself. This is your opportunity to start working the days problems on your own before you get paired with a team mate in the afternoon to really give it a go.

13:00  Lunch!

There's an in-house catering company at The Sharp Project. Fuel up for the afternoon and relax for a bit in The Campus playing pool, table tennis or table football.

14:00  Back to it!

We'll cover some more of the topics you'll need to complete the day's tasks before pairing you up and supporting you throughout the day as you learn by doing.

17:00  Wrap up!

We'll go over the day's task and answer any questions you still have. Some of you will head home after, others carry on into the evening & others still come to some of the tech meetups we're lucky to have in Manchester.

<Do something meaningful />

Accelerate won’t just teach you to code, it’ll teach you things you never knew about yourself. Like just how well you can communicate and work with others and exactly how enjoyable that can be.

We’ve learned that every cohort is different but there’s one thing they all have in common. And that’s people like you coming together and learning. Not just from what we teach in the classroom, but from overheard conversations, chance remarks and casual chats over lunch.

We think that’s one of the important differences about Northcoders. We’ve created an atmosphere within our base at The Sharp Project that’s exciting, informal and creative.

Ask any our of past or current students, and they'll tell you the support they get from each other is one of the greatest things about Accelerate.

Simply put, nothing compares to actually working together with people all aiming for one goal. People just like you.